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Evgeny Kissin: The Legendary 1984 Moscow Concert (11-inch by 9-inch plastic display placard). This advertising placard is in perfect shape, and shows Kissin as a very young lad.

An errata sheet for The Three Othellos by Daniel Amnéus is available, free of charge, even if this book was not originally purchased from Viaticum Press International.

Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard
By Marivaux
Publisher: Petits classiques bordas
Softcover book (in French)
Condition: Used
(This play handbook, along with the text of the entire play, has an excellent essay on Marivaux's life and an essay on theater of the 18th century. There are some gorgeus illustrations. Unfortunately there are a few marginalia and underlinings, but these are minimal and not at all distracting.)

On ne badine pas avec l'amour--proverbe
By Alfred de Musset
Publisher: Classiques larousse
Softcover book (in French)
Condition: Used
(This play handbook includes the entire play's complete text, an essay about the political and cultural environment of the time, and some quaint illustrations. There are some marginalia and underlinings, but these are minimal and do not distract.)

"Attack Iraq? An Optimistic Reappraisal," in Conversion News published by Peace Economy Project (Winter, 2002-2003). Although this article may now seem outdated given that Iraq was attacked by the United States, it still serves as the most comprehensive guide available for a prudent US/Iraq policy. It therefore remains timely as a blueprint for future relations between the two countries.

"The Selling of a Scapegoat," in Conversion News published by Peace Economy Project (Winter, 2003-2004). This article argues that Afghanistan had nothing to do with the 9-11-2001 terrorist bombings, but was merely a scapegoat to divert attention away from the fact that the terrorists came from countries whose populace has good reason for hating the US. The startling point is made that a similar terrorist attack occurred on 9-11-1973, and that this time the terrorists were backed by the US government through the CIA. On that date, Allende, the democratically-elected president of Chile was brought down, and Pinochet, who later would face war-crime charges, was illegally installed by the US.

American Man was a "little" magazine published by Richard Haddad, founding member of Free Men. We have extra copies of five of its eight issues: Vol. I, #4; Vol. II, #1; Vol. II, #2; Vol. II #3; Vol. II # 4. Request any, or all, of these you want.

"Breaking Free" was the theme song for Free Men. Its lyrics were written by Richard Haddad, the music by his brother Bob Haddad. Bob Haddad recorded this record, available on 45-rpm. The flip side of the record is "Rhubarb."

Transitions (May-June 2004). This magazine, published by The National Coalition of Free Men, contains an article entitled, "The Matriarchy's Arsenal: A Pessimistic Appraisal." This article, by Francis Baumli, Ph.D., is an examination of how "restraining order" laws have come to be used as the most effective weapon against men in divorce. It offers cautionary advice on how to deal with them.

Transitions (January-February 2004). This magazine, published by The National Coalition of Free Men, contains an article entitled "Wedding Cake and Robert Graves: Poetry, Liberation, Love" by Francis Baumli, Ph.D. This article charts Graves' poetry as a development in the personal side of men's liberation, and suggests that Graves' poetry and life comprise a guide for reconciliation between currently opposed forces in women's and men's liberation. (Some of the content of this article is rather salacious, and therefore is not for young readers.)

Transitions (July-August 2001). This issue of NCFM's magazine contains an article entitled, "The PMS Blues" by Francis Baumli. The article is a lengthy commentary on Dolly Parton's song, "The PMS Blues," with notes about how this song has considerable bearing on women's attitudes toward men as evidenced in country-and-western music. The article is optimistic, upbeat, somewhat ribald, and highly laudatory toward Dolly Parton as both singer and songwriter.

Transitions (January-February 1999). This NCFM magazine contains the article, "Fathers Rights and the Abortion Issue: Can There Be a Middle Ground?" by Francis Baumli, Ph.D. The unusual perspective of this article is to take an anti-abortion stance from what might, at a cursory glance, be considered a "liberal humanist" point of view, although actually the arguments are set forth from a men's rights perspective. The article is confessorial in nature, somewhat graphic, and not for the faint of heart.


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