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The Gay Issue Revisited (or) Venomous Homophobia, Righteous Rebuttals, the Perils and Pleasures of Sanctimonious and Acrimonious Matrimony – Straight or Gay
By Francis Baumli, Ph.D., et al.
Publisher: Folio Editions Limited, in cooperation with the National Coalition of Free Men

Price: $5.95
ISBI: FEL 005 07 8002 1948

This fiery, but cogent, exchange of commentary about the rights of gays to be gays will, unfortunately, be as pertinent to our society one thousand years from now as it is today. This folio contains a total of eleven writings, the last and longest being a piece by Francis Baumli, Ph.D., analyzing the many hidden difficulties which plague gay marriage. While pointing to these difficulties, Doctor Baumli nevertheless endorses gay marriage, and shows how straight people can garner many lessons about straight marriage from gay marriage.

(Note: the copyright for the issues of Transitions within this folio is held by NCFM; Folio Editions Limited holds copyright for the folio cover only.)

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