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Cartography in the Name of Peace
By Francis Baumli, Ph.D.
Publisher: Folio Editions Limited

Price: $7.95
ISBI: FEL 002 03 6002 1948

This monograph of 15,000 words makes the case that the "peace movement" has been severely handicapped because its members are as ignorant of geography as is the entire US citizenry. Members of the peace movement are urged to study geography and cartography as assiduously as do the military leaders they oppose. Most important, this monograph sets forth a program for preventing violence by urging a proactive approach toward establishing neighborly relations between countries. This foray into the uncharted terrain of geographical ignorance ends with a conclusion that will make any person both afraid to be an optimist and ashamed to be a pessimist.

(Commentary by James Turner): "This is the most brilliant, and disturbing, encyclical on the issues of peace advocacy and peace studies I have ever read. It leaves me with the conviction that international relations probably won't ever get any better, but maybe they won't get any worse either. It left me feeling we really can hope the human species won't annihilate itself."

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